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Information relating to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

2021 season

The opening of Bivouac nature is scheduled for March 27, 2021.

Despite the uncertainties that occupy our daily lives, we remain mobilized to guarantee you a serene and secure stay.

Thus, faced with the exceptional health context still taking place in France and around the world, we are maintaining our cleaning protocol set up for the 2020 season in order to meet the directives in the fight against Covid-19.

But let’s not forget the essential, Bivouac nature is a vast natural site: 22 individual rental accommodations only, spread over a 3 hectare nature area.


The contract provides for:

– Reimbursement of cancellation fees in the event of contracting the Covid-19 disease, positive screening, and proven Covid contact case;

– Covering the cancellation costs in the event of denied boarding following a temperature measurement during transport (plane, station, boat, etc.);

– Assistance services covering, in particular, accommodation costs linked to a fortnight, repatriation following a flight cancellation, payment of medical costs, medical repatriation of the insured, medical teleconsultation services…

Campez couvert

Cancellation insurance
  • Cancellation of stay
  • Late arrival
  • Interruption of stay
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Forgotten an object
  • COVID-19 guarantee

At Bivouac nature, we have always been keen to offer you impeccable cleanliness and hygiene. We have always taken great care in cleaning our accommodation, all our equipment, and the toilets are washed with the greatest vigilance. Today to go further and meet guidelines in the fight against Covid-19, we have further strengthened our cleaning protocol.

Sanitary measures

Protect our team

All staff are trained to ensure compliance with barrier gestures and protocols in place.
• Physical distancing.
• Hand washing with soap regularly or a hydro-alcoholic solution.
• Wearing a mask is compulsory at reception, during baggage transport and housework.
• In the event of symptoms, our employees are invited to stay at home.

Reception building and collective sanitary facilities

• At the reception and collective sanitary facilities, before entering the buildings, a hand basin with movement detector has been installed.
• Hydro-alcoholic gel available at reception.
• Installation of protection (dividing wall) at reception.

Activities and services

With this exceptional situation, we were forced to review and adapt our service offering.
• In summer, events are subject to compulsory registration and limited to 3 families (until new directives grant groups of more than 10 people).
• Removal of the baby kit offered free of charge when booking a stay.
• Removal of the library and the game library.

A place in the heart of nature

At Bivouac nature, all of our rental accommodation is individual with space and lots of nature. There is no air conditioning or water park.

Hygiene and cleaning

We carry out a rigorous cleaning of the common areas and the toilets several times a day and of the accommodation with each change of customers.

• Use of a disinfectant that meets EN14476 standards.
• Reinforcement of cleaning / disinfection procedures at points of contact.
• Between each stay, systematic change of all linen, including unused items (pillow protectors and mattress protectors). Storage of dirty laundry in a dedicated and isolated space.
• Bed linen is cleaned by a professional laundry as every year. Compliance with degrees of processing of bed linen is applied.
• Complete cleaning / disinfection of each accommodation (bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen).
• Between each stay, total ventilation of the accommodation throughout the day.


In order for all the measures put in place to work and be consistent, we ask everyone to be responsible.
• Wearing a mask on arrival for the contact person who takes care of the final formalities in the reception building.
• Respect all instructions and physical distancing in force.
• Favor payment by credit card.
• Bring clean linen (and duvets for those who prefer to sleep with their own!).
• Take off shoes when entering the accommodation.
• Leave the accommodation clean when leaving.
• Take dirty laundry outside the accommodation.
• Respect the agreed time for the exit inventory (registration with our team at reception).
• In case of symptoms, we ask our customers to stay at home.

Questions / Answers

If you have subscribed to the cancellation insurance offered at the time of your reservation, you will be reimbursed for your stay.

In fact, in the event of cancellation for Covid illness declared in the month preceding departure in the event of an epidemic or pandemic, the Campez Covered insurance covers the costs of reimbursement of the stay, on the condition that you have subscribed to insurance at the time of your reservation.

In a pandemic situation, if an administrative closure should take place for reasons of containment, Bivouac nature will refer to government decisions.

Thus, for the 2020 season, the Ordinance of March 25, 2020 allowed holidaymakers who could not come to stay to obtain a credit note corresponding to the sums paid and valid for 18 months.

In a pandemic situation, if the borders with France were to be closed, for foreign residents, Bivouac nature will offer a credit corresponding to the sums paid and valid for 18 months.

parc national des cévennes
Région Occitanie

Bivouac nature

Lieu dit Grausse 30270 Saint Jean du Gard – France




Bivouac nature est ouvert du 27 mars au 23 septembre 2021.




Bivouac nature est ouvert du 27 mars au 23 septembre 2021.