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Frequently Asked Questions


Bivouac nature is located in the town of Saint Jean du Gard (3 km from the village) in the south of France. After your reservation, we will send you an access map and the GPS coordinates for coming to the bivouac.

Locate the bivouac and calculate your route.

Bivouac nature is not a campsite lost in the mountains. The village of Saint Jean du Gard is 3 km away, accessible by car (10 min) via a departmental road or on foot (30 min) via a hiking trail.

We made sure to respect the topography of the place by setting up the tents in order to preserve everyone’s privacy as much as possible. The pitches are as far apart as possible: between 5 and 20 meters between each tent. But Bivouac nature being a campsite, you will never be alone.

Finally, it is important to note that our accommodation is grouped together in a space that functions like a village. Living well together is therefore essential!

Bivouac nature does not advocate silence. It is a quiet campsite because it does not have a car, with non-festive entertainment (nature activities during the day or told evenings on certain evenings until 9 p.m.).

Calm is requested between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and we ask everyone to ensure the well-being of all.

No. The whole site is in a pedestrian zone. On your arrival, we ask you to park your car in the car park at the entrance to the bivouac.

The bivouac area is a natural car-free site for the peace and safety of all, and children in particular. We provide a trolley to transport your luggage to your tent: 10 to 200 meters from the car park depending on the accommodation.

> Map of the bivouac

No, the site is inaccessible for a motorhome, caravan or van. The tarmac road, narrow and winding, stops at the car park, then all the accesses are paths impassable by car, which guarantees the safety of children and the tranquility of all.

At the start of the season (April and May), we offer tents equipped with a wood stove for a little fire when night comes.

The stove heats the tent sufficiently. We provide the logs and the children can go out and collect the twigs and bread apples to help start the fire. In addition, good quilts and fleece blankets are available in the tent. We still advise you to bring warm clothes for the day and for the night (nightcap, thick sleeping bag and warm pajamas for the youngest!).

Yes, when you come to stay in a tent in nature, it is quite possible to find insects or spiders in your tent. When we prepare your accommodation we make sure to remove all the little animals that are lost inside, but it can of course happen that others come to check it out.

No. Bivouac nature is an LPO (Bird Protection League) refuge. The use of insecticides, spray, powder or any other repellant is strictly prohibited. Whether they are pollinators, flying or stinging, all participate in the proper functioning of the food chain and are therefore used in particular as food for birds and other small mammals. Let’s not forget that the extinction rate of insects is eight times that of other animal species …

Book a stay

Yes, at Bivouac nature it is possible to book a tent for one night in low season. In July and August, the length of stay is a minimum of 3 nights. However, at the last minute, we open for rental the last available nights (1 to 2 nights depending on the schedule).

Namely, we offer decreasing rates depending on the length of your stay.

Yes. You can reserve your options when you book online, by email or when you arrive if you have forgotten.

No, pets are not accepted on the site. This is a hot topic, we realize.

The question is not whether or not to like pets, we have nothing against dogs or cats. But as nice as they are, if we want to preserve the wildlife (deer in the meadow, hares, hedgehogs under the floor of certain tents, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, badgers and all the birds since we are an LPO refuge) present on the site, we owe it to ourselves to refuse them.

In summer, for example, we offer nature activities with our animators, so it is a matter of spotting traces and signs of the presence of this wild fauna.

To find out more on this subject, we invite you to visit the national park websites: http://www.mercantour-parcnational.fr/fr/actualites/comprendre-pourquoi-les-chiens-sont-interdits-en -heart-of-park-even-kept-on-a-leash

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note, no refund or cancellation will be possible in the event of a presentation with a pet. Please refer to the General Conditions of Sale.

On the day of your arrival we welcome you between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

On the day of your departure we ask you to leave the bivouac before 10am.

We have also set up a “late arrival” option: € 50, for an arrival between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. No arrivals can be made outside of reception opening hours. Finally, be careful: after 9 p.m., no more arrivals will be possible.

For more information on the subject, you can refer to the General Conditions of Sale.

No. Nature Bivouac tents are designed for a maximum capacity (indicated on your reservation contract).

The installation of mattresses or additional beds in the tent is not allowed.

If possible, we will offer you, depending on our availability and the current updated rates, the rental of additional accommodation.

No, it is not possible to set up an individual tent on an equipped tent site.

Subject to availability at the time of your reservation, it is possible to reserve the location of your choice. For any special request of this type, please send us an email: info@bivouacnature.com

Bivouac nature offers you cancellation and interruption insurance when you book (4.5% of the amount of your accommodation and options).

> See the General Insurance Conditions.

No reimbursement will be granted without subscription to cancellation insurance.

> See the General Conditions of Sale.

Prepare my stay

To facilitate the preparation of luggage, we have designed a non-exhaustive list to download:

> See the perfect backpacker checklist.

The bivouac welcomes mostly families, and even more so in summer!

Our tents are suitable for welcoming children, a dream holiday for little adventurers, exploring camping in the heart of nature with ease …

Families appreciate this car-free site, nature, nearby activities, swimming spots and short walks …

Yes, on simple request from you at the time of your reservation, we provide, depending on availability, a free baby kit including a cot, a mattress and a high chair.

Remember to bring a mattress protector and a fitted sheet for the cot

All our accommodations are equipped to receive you in comfort: kitchen area and bedrooms with bedding.

We provide pillows, duvets, fleece blankets and mattress protectors.

Our Cabins, Canadian tents and Safari tents have a private shower room inside the accommodation. In addition, solar panels provide interior lighting.

In the Baroudeur tents there is no electricity or water point. Common washrooms are to be shared between campers.

For the detailed inventory, please refer to the sheet specific to each accommodation.


Some tents are connected to a solar panel to provide interior lighting only: Cabins, Canadian tents and Safari tents.

Either way, in the tent, you will not have 220V electrical outlets.

No need to bring an electric toothbrush, hair dryer, electric razor, griddle, fan and other energy-intensive devices …

For more comfort, we advise you to bring a led lamp, ideally a led hurricane lamp that you can put on the table to eat outside with extra lighting.

A torch or headlamp can also come in handy!

On the other hand, any lighting requiring a flame is prohibited: candles, tealight candles, classic kerosene lamp, gas lamp …

The fire risks are far too great and the slightest incident can have disastrous consequences for the wooded space in which you are staying.

Yes, in its quest for autonomy, Bivouac Nature has equipped each tent with a small gas fridge.

From the Dometic brand, initially designed for roaming in a motorhome or boat, the extra mini fridge has the advantage of being ultra quiet.

With a capacity of 56L with a small freezer of 3L.

This is a gas fridge that can cool down to 30 ° C below room temperature. This means that during a heat wave, if the temperature inside the tent rises to 45 ° C, the fridge will not be able to drop below 15 ° C.

Yes, you find a gas barbecue in your tent. The use and employment of fire is regulated in forest areas in the south of France.

To recharge your mobile phone, you can come and plug it into an outlet at reception.

Yes, at the time of your departure we ask you to return your tent as you found it on your arrival.

For this we ask you to clean it as a whole and to make sure to throw your trash in the containers on the departmental road, to clean the stove, the fridge and the dishes used, the barbecue, to clean the floor, the WC, shower cubicle, sink and sink …

If you wish, you can opt for a cleaning fee (excluding the kitchen area: the dishes must be done, the trash can and the fridge emptied) for 80 €.

Anyway, by booking at Bivouac nature, you accept the general conditions of sale.

You are therefore aware that your stay takes place in the heart of nature, with the hazards that it can present: variable weather, presence of wild fauna and insects near the accommodation and that it is possible to also cross inside.

You are also aware that internal regulations apply within the site and that you must comply with them.

parc national des cévennes
Région Occitanie

Bivouac nature

Lieu dit Grausse 30270 Saint Jean du Gard – France




Bivouac nature est ouvert du 27 mars au 23 septembre 2021.




Bivouac nature est ouvert du 27 mars au 23 septembre 2021.